Vani - Your Personal Voice Assistant Call Answer



A Voice Assistant Mobile Application which can handle all your incoming calls. You can answer, reject the incoming calls via voice. Vani provides you with lot of themes, swanky wallpapers to customize your call screen. You can customize the voice commands as per your preference. To enhance the best experience, Vani provides an option to turn on the caller name announcer or LED flashlight from settings.

You can also block or send a whatsapp message to the unknown number without any hassle.

Step 1 - Download the App.
Step 2 - Please provide all the neccessary permission required.
Step 3 - Select your favorite theme from various options or Add your own photo.
Step 4 - Goto Settings, set the Voice Commands for Accept, Decline and Speaker.
Step 5 - You are all set! Ask your friend to call you.
Step 6 - Say the voice command when your phone rings & your phone will be answered.

You can customize the voice commands from Home Screen or from Settings:
* for Accept -> you can add your Voice Keyword on saying it two times once the mic popup appears. 
* Similarly, you can set keywords for Decline or Speaker mode.
* Please be loud and clear while speaking the word.

* No Worries, you need to check few things.
* Update the Google App from PlayStore, if not. App Link
* You need to add offline languages in your mobile to support voice recognition.

- Go to Device Settings -> Google -> Search & Now -> Voice -> Offline Speech Recognition
- Add your Local Languages like Hindi, Spanish, etc.
- It is mandatory to have the updated offline English(US) language.

* Please check, if all the required permissions are given.
* Speak the words after the short ringtone only.
* Try Adding easy and simple words.
* Please check, if your phone supports voice recognition or not.
* Please free to reach us at

* Please check, if all the required permissions are given.

* In the Phone Settings -> go the Applications
- Turn on the AutoStart Permissions for Vani App.

* Also, check the Default App Settings.
- Make VANI as default Phone app.

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