Vani Your Personal Voice Assistant


   T H E  P O W E R  O F  V O I C E

Vani Assistant

Artificial Human Intelligence to manage incoming calls
Just by your voice

Sachin G.

Tech. Head

Designed to Guarantee a Fast and Always Available Voice Assistant service
Intuitive to Use and Very Easy to Implement or Customize.

Jagmohan Singh

Lead Designer

Vani Assistant

What is Vani

let's have a look

Voice Assistant
App for Incoming Calls

Vani is a Voice Assistant App Which Allows you to Manage your Incoming Calls Just by your Voice.

Easy and Simple to Use

Just Use your Voice to Set Commands and Enjoy Calls by your Voice. no Technical Skills Required.

Vani Assistant

Fast Responsive

Respond faster and
Accurate that Simply save time and efforts. for Ex. While Driving, Eating, Cooking.

Totally Secure

Along With Fast Easy its Super Secure Only you Can Access your Phone
or Incoming Calls.


Now Just Use Your Voice to Entertain your incoming calls
All you have to do is just give commands at the time of incoming calls
and perform actions like Answer, Decline, Block or Send Messages.

What are you waiting for..??

Let's Enter into The Future


Vani Assistant

"This app is so helpful for me it's voice command feature has made things more easier,I don't have to stop bike while getting incoming calls it becomes very useful for me."

Vani Assistant

"A Smooth and Steady app for Sure . Now it Become a Part of My Daily Life Schedule
Whether i am Driving Eating or in Meeting".

Vani Assistant

This App is Just Amazing
and Respond Super Quickly on Commands.along with this
voice calculater also perform so well

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